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About Us


IN 1948…

With 14 potential members gathering at the Belchetz home, hoping to establish a congregation, Larchmont Temple was created. The first ever Board of Trustees Meeting minutes captures the spirit that remains our greatest value:

“We don’t know yet whether the formation of a liberal Jewish local congregation will be a success. But if high spirits and unselfish cooperation are considered prime assets for a flourishing community, then we have no doubt that the expected rich spiritual and physical fruits will grow out of the seeds.”

Indeed, they grew, and blossomed.


With over 800 member households, Larchmont Temple is that warm, welcoming community, high-spirited and out-reaching; a multi-generational congregational family connecting a vibrant early childhood program and thriving religious school—with kids from K-Grade 12, to an engaged population of adult learners and seekers, aspiring together to help repair the world.

Larchmont Temple is the place to voice your greatest life questions, knowing, through living Covenant, in partnership with the Holy One, we all share the journey—connected in our search, and the care we extend.

Larchmont Temple is the place where, no matter which door you enter, you are linked, generation to generation; a connection that brings real meaning, as it helps every member-family find in Temple life—a home.

Now, as always,  Larchmont Temple is your home.

Sun, June 4 2023 15 Sivan 5783